Zanzibar Black Peppercorns

Burlap and Barrel

This extraordinary Black pepper (Piper nigrum) grows in bunches like grapes, on a climbing vine in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Black peppercorn is most known as a seasoning but holds many medicinal properties like boosting anti-oxidants and being anti-bacterial and anti-viral. These black peppercorns are ripened, hand-harvested and slow dried in the sun to give them their distinctive dark skin and resulting in a rich chocolate-colored pepper berry with dense wrinkles and a bright, fruity spiciness with notes of Cacao, and Citrus!

The Alchemist Kitchen is proud to collaborate and partner with Burlap and Barrel to increase awareness in single-origin spices for both flavor and medicine. Join us on this beautiful spice journey of magnificent and often rare spices.

How to Use:  Add ground pepper to golden milk to assist with absorption and maximum effects. Grind fresh onto anything and everything.

Pairs well with:  Cured Sumac

Meet the Farmer:  Bwana Bakari is the chair of the farmers' cooperative, where Burlap and Barrel source their peppercorns in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Each year, he leads the cooperative in harvesting these spicy, citrusy peppercorns by hand. Then Yumna and her team hand sort and check for quality.

Meet the Maker:  Burlap & Barrel is the exclusive importer of Zanzibar black pepper into the United States. All Burlap and Barrel Spices are grown organically. Sourced from a cooperative of smallholder artisan farmers on the Zanzibar islands off of the eastern coast of Tanzania. many of whose families have been growing pepper and other spices (including our cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg) for generations.