Wild Icelandic Kelp

Burlap and Barrel

This wild kelp is hand-harvested from the depths of the frigid North Atlantic Ocean right off the coast of Iceland. Oarweed kelp (Laminaria Digitata) is rich with ocean minerals which helps it hold its unique umami flavor. This iodine-rich ocean plant is perfect for adding depth, savoriness, and body to soups, or for finishing and can be used in place of salt! This kelp can be used to help boost immunity, increase thyroid function and energy levels. An excellent addition to the diet for pregnancy and to build strong hair, nails, and glowing skin!

The Alchemist Kitchen is proud to collaborate and partner with Burlap and Barrel to increase awareness in single-origin spices for both flavor and medicine. Join us on this beautiful spice journey of magnificent and often rare spices.

How to Use:  This excellent source of trace minerals and salt can be used to replace salt, added in popcorn for a healthy boost for your skin and energy. Add to soups to boost immunity and flavor or throw into your favorite salad, or dressings.

Pairs well with:  Zanzibar Black Peppercorns, Desert Fennel

Meet the Maker:  Burlap and Barrels Wild Icelandic kelp is harvested by boat off the cold waters of Iceland’s Westfjords. The harvesting boats drop large scissor-like devices into the water to cut the tender, flavorful tops off the plants at a carefully calibrated depth that allows the kelp to regrow. The clipped kelp is collected from the ocean in nets, and transported back to our partner’s geothermal facility where it is rinsed, dried and ground.