The Wild Rhythms

The Alchemist's Kitchen

“I fail to see where I end
and you begin”, 
whispered the spirit of the land. 

A piece of you yearns for the wildness that was lost because I yearn for it and the piece is found in the whole.

A part of you wishes to be welcomed back into the secret world of ebb and flow for therein lies abundance, togetherness, and purpose. 

Somehow, as humans, we’ve shackled ourselves from the web of reciprocity and we are suffering.

But our Earth is still guiding us, her synchronized rhythms peek through at every moment.

Listen, for her winds are whispering timeless truths that will restore your well-being.

Use these natural rhythms to find your way home. Like a patient mother, our Earth quietly awaits our arrival without judgment or shame.

She is welcoming you, for she is you. And the interconnection of all is a reminder that each act of love, compassion, and empathy is never wasted, for all you do is crystallized in the storybook of the world, becoming the foundation for the future. 

Remain humble, everything is for this moment. 


Kat lives in the central coast of California with her husband, Charlie, and their daughter, Plum. Together they are creating a life of sustainability in their tiny house while practicing simple living and regenerating the Earth’s soils. They want their daughter to have a biologically diverse Earth that they were blessed to have had. 

Kat’s daily practices encompass yoga, meditation, herbal potions for health, and her natural body products for detoxification. She spends her days showing her daughter the value of self care and being an Earth steward. They plant and grow their own food and herbs, while focusing on eating simple, nutritionally dense foods. It has become apparent to Kat that life is a living breathing testament to one’s inner world and she hope’s to pass on this knowledge to others through her practices & potions.