Season Of The Witch Vol:2 E-Zine

The Alchemist's Kitchen

Introducing The Alchemist's Kitchen The Season of the Witch E-Zine: Volume II. 
We believe in celebrating the healing power of plants, as well as celebrating and honoring the witch and the divine feminine. This archetypal energy reminds us of our connection to nature and our ability to take healing into our own hands. The Witch represents an unbreakable connection to our wildness, an exploration of mysticism (and inner magic), a trusting of our intuition, and a declaration of our creative power. 

Within these pages, we offer some explorations of the many manifestations and origins of what it means to be a witch. We hope to offer some empowerment, some magick, and some avenues to better understand the self, ancestry, and witchcraft in the many forms that it might take. 

In troubling times, sometimes all you need is a witch on your side (or the witch within).