Organic Artisanal Ghee

Ancient Organics

This special artisanal small-batch Ghee is unlike anything else you will find. The Native sweet grasses and wildflowers like purple needlegrass and cow clover from northern California ensure that the monthly production highlights the changes in the pasture which celebrate the seasonality and care that goes into every batch! This Ghee is Infused with mantras following Vedic traditions and is only made during Shukla Paksha moons (full or waxing). It is said that the moon rules Soma the essence of all life itself and with this feeds the mind, body and spirit! Rich in Omega's 3's and 6's as well as being rich in Vitamins A, D, E and K ensures that you're getting nourishment from the inside out!

Ingredients: Organic Unsalted Sweet Cream butter.

How To Use:  Use a dry clean utensil and get desires serving.  Keep in dark and dry place. Once opened keep jar in a cabinet away from light up to 3 months or refrigerated up to a year.

Size: 8 oz, 16 oz.

Meet the maker: Ancient Organics is a California based company focusing on sustainability, respect and nurturing for body mind and spirit! Honoring Vedic traditions their ghee is produced in a peaceful and mantra infused kitchen using local Straus Family Creamery butter.