Mystical Shrine Candles


These visionary Pillars made from natural soy and coconut waxes with a cotton wick evoke the mystical. Made with tremendous care each candle is hand signed by the artisan creating a personal touch to pair with high definition hand printed illustrations revealing delicate, and intricate artistry.

Comes in different Variations:

  • Mystical all-seeing eye
  • Palmistry of Destiny 
  • Mystical set of two

Pairs well with: Wild Mugwort Oil, Magickal Black bath Sea Salts

Suggested Use: Place candle on an altar or heatproof candle holder, trim candle wick to 1/4 inch (5 mm) before each use. Perfect for adorning treasured areas of the home. 60 hour burning time.

Always keep a lit candle within sight, be mindful of placement and keep out of reach of children and pets. Do Not keep a candle on overnight or when no one is home.

Size/Dimensions: 2.8 Inches (7 cm)  Diameter and 8 Inches (20 cm) in Height. 60 hour burning time.

Ingredients: Unscented Coconut and Soy Wax.

Meet the Maker:  Esoteric Italian designers Michelangelo Brancato and Francilla Ronchi birthed Coreterno in Rome but drew inspiration from the bustling mystical corners of New York City. The direct Italian translation is "eternal heart" which draws inspiration from the world of rebellious poets long gone but not forgotten. With the intention to evoke powerful emotions and take you deeper into their magical universe.