Mexican Moon Bath Salts

Love Wild Designs

Bathing has taken on a new appeal, inspired by a groundswell of inspiration from ancient rituals, to the cleansing of body and soul. This beautiful bath blend has a medley of flowers lovingly picked in the Zapote valley of Oaxaca by an indigenous family in the region of Teotitián. The Rosita de Cacao or Cacao Rose is an Aztec and Zapotec staple that lasts decades after being picked. Associated with everlasting life Rosita de Cacao is harvested for its medicinal properties known to treat anything from Anxiety, menstruation, and libido to fever and coughs. Use this calming blend for the skin and spirit and connect with the healing energy of the Rosita de Cacao. 

Ingredients: Epsom Salt, Organic Corn Flowers, Organic Cacao flower (Quararibea Funebris), Organic Jojoba Oil.

Meet the Maker: Sierra the owner of this workshop has a passion for renewable and reusable resources that give back to the environment. She grew up in the East Village where since childhood she had a penchant for artisan wares. Sierra has worked with many non-profits which inspired her to focus on sustainability, and the use of low-impact materials, wind-powered manufacturing while highlighting local artisans.