Kick It Supplement


This daily cold killing blend of herbs is designed to prevent colds at onset or assist in quickly getting over feeling under the weather. Based on a traditional Chinese formula called Yin Chiao, which helps keep lungs, throat and sinuses protected. Kick it nourishes the immune system so don't wait until its too late!!

Suggested Use:  Take 2-3 tablets twice a day. You can take herbs with other vitamins + meds, and with or without food.

Ingredients:  Organic Isatis Root, Organic Balloon Flower Root, Organic Siller Root, Organic Chinese Licorice Root, Organic Angelica Root, Organic Codonopsis, Organic Sichuan Lovage Root, Organic Japanese Honeysuckle Root, Organic Tangerine Peel, Organic Forsythia Root, Organic Red Magnolia Flower.

Meet the Maker:  Co-founded by Michelle Larivee and Dr. Shari Auth, WTHN believes in an approach to healing that combines ancient wisdom with modern medicine.

Size: 120 tablets, 40 servings.