Good Chemistry: From Soul to Psychedelics by Julie Holland

Julie Holland

Good Chemistry points the way to building longlasting connections deep within our souls, one another, the cosmos and our planet. Julie Holland teaches us that finding oneness in a world of disorienting disconnection, social media and isolation can feel unreachable but within the pages of this book you find the secret to healing. You may find that psychedelic medicine acts as a catalyst to fight through the modern-day stressors that challenge our sleep patterns, libido, metabolism and enable paranoia.

Meet the Author: Dr. Julie Holland MD is a psychiatrist and psychedelic researcher and publisher of multiple best selling books. Having monitored several clinical studies on treating PTSD using MDMA assisted psychotherapy and examining strains of cannabis, It's no wonder she is making waves in the world of Psychiatry. With an emphasis on human connection and specializing in psychopharmacology, she runs her private New York City Practice helping others.