Double Blind Magazine Issue No 2

Double Blind Magazine

In the second issue of Doubleblind we take a deep dive into the fast-growing and ever-evolving psychedelics movement. Exploring decriminalization, and grow your own practices to fight corporations holds on the evolution. You will also learn about Ayahuasca for conflict resolution between Isreal and Palestine, female friendship spanning generations and the rise of men's healing circles.

Meet The Maker: Doubleblind is a provocative digital media company and biannual print magazine that covers stories about psychedelics and how it is intertwined with mental health and environmental justice. Listening to the indigenous communities that use and preserve these traditions, and shedding light on the people in our society who need it most but may not have access. They are here to speak to curious and craving fresh perspectives, not the veteran tripper or evangelizing, or anti-drug. Covering things from the depression epidemic, corporatization of medicine and the collective.