Ceramic Incense holder

Ceramica D Mercado

This special artisanal ceramic incense holder is made with a beautiful deep, dark brown clay (cone 6) and a hand-painted snow-white glaze.  An excellent addition to any altar or sacred space ideal for safely resting Incense and any sacred holy woods.

Pair with: Palo Santo Bundle Mini Incense Offering Bundle, Ritual bath Bundle or Chacrona and Jagube Incense.

Suggested Ritual: Adorn your altar, safe space or ritual space with this hand-shaped and decorated Incense holder. Rest your stick incense or woods safely upon this holder and delve into meditation, yoga, divination or rest.

Dimensions: 4.5" in diameter, 2.5" In height.

Meet the Maker: Ceramica D Mercado is an artist's collective and gallery that makes functional and minimalist pottery and sculptures. This haven for educational and immersive opportunities in visual arts allows artists to thrive in creativity within the walls of this safe space in Hollywood, Florida.  Owner and artist Dorandy Mercado draws inspiration from her heritage and her love of minimalism.

Women-Owned - Minority-Owned - Small Business